1. Lack and Transcendence: The Problem of Death and Life in Psychotherapy, Existentialism, and Buddhism, Loy, David
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  4. Landmarks of South Asian Civilizations, Rizvi, S.A.A.
  5. The Language of LearningA Guide to Education Terms, McBrien, J. Lynn  and Ronald S. Brandt
  6. Language in Psychotherapy: Strategies of Discovery, ed. Russell, Robert L.
  7. Language and Reason: A Study of Habermas’s Pragmatics, Cooke, Maeve
  8. Lao Tzu and Taoism, tr. Greaves, Roger
  9. The Large Sutra on Perfect Wisdom: With the Divisions of the Abhisamayalankara, tr. Conze, Edward
  10. Latin Literature, Mackail, J.W.
  11.  Laugh and Live,
  12. Lay Buddhism in Contemporary Japan: Hardace, Reiyukai
  13. Law of Scientific Hand Reading, Benham, William G.
  14. The Laws of Social Psychology, Znanieck, Florian 
  15. Learning to Learn: Toward a Philosophy of Education, Gill, Jerry H.
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  17. Lectures on Early History of Institutions, Maine, Henry Sumner
  18. Lecture on the Sutra: Hoben and Juryo Chapters, Toda, Josei
  19. Lecture on the Sutra: Hoben and Juryo Chapters, Josei, Toda
  20. The Legacy of Wittgenstein, Kenny, Anthony
  21. Legends of Babylon and Egypt, King, Leonard W.
  22. The Legend of King Asoka: A study and Translation of the Asokavadana, Strong, John S.
  23. The Legend of Queen Cama, tr. Swearer Donald K. and Sommai Premchit
  24. The Legends and Theories of the Buddhists, Hardy, R. Spence
  25. Le Morte D’Arthur, (2 Vols.) Malory, Sir Thomas
  26. A Letter Concerning Toleration,  Locke, John , tr. William Popple
  27. Letters on England,Voltaire
  28. Lhasa the Open City: A Journey to Tibet, Suyin, Han
  29. On Liberty, Mill, John Stuart
  30. Light of Asia, Arnold, Sir Edwin
  31. Light on Yoga, Iyengar, B.K.S.
  32. Life in Ancient India: As Depicted in the Digha-Nikaya, Patra, Chittaranjan
  33. Life and Meaning: A Reader, ed. Hanfling, Oswald
  34. Linguistic Approach to Buddhist Thought, Sasaki, Genjun H.
  35. Lives of Indian Images, Davis, Richard H.
  36. Lives of Donne and Herbert, Varius
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  38. Life of Buddha in Indian Sculpture (Ashta-Maha-Pratiharya): An Iconological Analysis, Parimoo, Ratan.
  39. The Life of the Buddha as Legend and History, Thomas, Edward J.
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  41. The Life of Hiuen-Tsiang, Beal, Samuel
  42. The Life and Letters of John Lockewith extracts from his Journals and Common-place Books, King, Lord
  43. The Life of Shinran Shonin: The Journey to Self Acceptance, Bloom, Alfred
  44. The Life and Work of Buddhaghosa, Law, B. C.
  45. Lifestyle and Ecology, ed. Saraswati, Baidyanath.
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  48. The Literature of the Personalists of Early Buddhism, Thich Thien Chau
  49. The Lion’s Roar of Queen Srimala, Wayman, A. & H. Wayman
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  53. Logic and Existence, Hyppolite, Jean tr. Leonard Lawlor & Amit Sen
  54. The Logic of Unity: The Discovery of Zero and Emptiness in Prajnaparamita Thought,Matsuo, Hosaku, tr. Kenneth K. Inada .
  55. Lords and Lamas: A Solitary Expedition Across the Secret Himalayan Kingdom ofBhutan, Peissel, Michel
  56. The Lotus Sutra, tr. Watson, Burton
  57. The Love Of Books The Philobiblon, De Bury, Richard , tr. E. C. Thomas
  58. Love and Friendship, Austen, Jane
  59. Love and Sympathy in Theravada Buddhism, Aronson, Harvey B.
  60. Lucid Exposition of the Middle Way: The Essential Chapters from the Prasannapada of Candrakirti, tr. Sprung, Mervyn


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