1. Iconography of the Bodhisattva (Bosatsu) Images in Japa and India: A Comparative Studies, Bakshi, D. N.
  2. Iconography of the Buddha Images in Japan : A Comparative Studies, Bakshi, D. N.
  3. Illuminating the Path to Enlightenment,  Lama, His Holiness the Dalai 
  4. Imagination & Time, Warnock, Mary
  5. Imaging Wisdom: Seeing and Knowing in the Art of Indian Buddhism, Kinnard, Jacob N.
  6. Immortal Ajanta, Sanyal, Narayan
  7. The Imposition of  Method: A Study of Descartes and Locke, Schouls, Peter A.
  8. Iconography of Buddhist and Brahmanical Sculptures (in the Dacca Museum), Bhattasali, Nalini Kanta
  9. The Idea of Self-East & West: A Comparison between Buddhist Philosophy and the Philosophy of David Hume, Hoffmann, Yoel
  10. Idealism and Objectivity: Understanding Fichte’s Jena Project, Martin, Wayne M.
  11. An Index to the Lankavatara Sutra, Suzuki, Daisetz Teitara.
  12. Indian Buddhism, Wader, A.K.
  13. Indian Buddhism, Nakamura, Hajime (2 Sets, the same)
  14. The Indian Buddhist Iconography, Battacharyya, Benoytosh
  15. Indian Culture Thought the Ages: Education and the Propagation of Culture,Venkateswara, S.V.
  16. Indian as Described in Early Texts of Buddhism & Jainism, Law, Bimala Churn
  17. Indian Idealism: Epistemology & Ontology, (2 Vols.) Sastri, P.S.
  18. Indian Idealism, Dasgupta, S.
  19. India and Japan: Friends of Fourteen Centuries, Lal, Chaman
  20. India: Land of the Buddha, Khullar, Rupinder and Chhaya Haesner
  21. Indian Philosophy, (2 Vols.) Radhakrishnan
  22. Indian Philosophy: A New Approach, Krishna, Daya
  23. Indian Psychology: A Critical and Historical Analysis of the Psychological Speculations in India Philosophical Literature, Safaya, Raghunath
  24. Indian Religion, ed. Burghart, Richard & Audrey Cantlie
  25. Indian Realism, Sinha, Jadunath
  26. Indian Religious Historiography, Bhattacharyya, N.N.
  27. Indian Psychology, (3 Vols.) Sinha, Jadunath.
  28. The Indian Theogony: A Comparative Study of Indian Mythology form the Vedas from the Puranas, Bhattacharji, Sukumari
  29. Indian Theory of Knowledge and Language, ed. Sharma, R.C.
  30. Indian Theory of Knowledge: Based upon Jayanta’s Nyayamanjari, Bijalwan, C.D.
  31. Indian through Chinese Eyes, Sen, Surendernath
  32. Individualism: Four Lectures on the Significance of Consciousness for Social Relations, Fite, Warner
  33. Indological and Buddhist Studies: Volume in Honour of Prof. J.W. de Jong on his Sixtieth Birthday, Hercus, L.A.
  34. The Influence of Darwin on Philosophy and Other Essays, Dewey, John
  35. Initiation into Philosophy, Faguet, Emle
  36. Insights into Buddhism, ed. Gupta, S.K.
  37. Insights into Inward Consciousness, Srinivasan, G.
  38. Instinct: A Study in Social Psychology, Bernard, Luther Lee
  39. The Insulted and Injured, Dostoevsky, Fyodor , tr. Constance Garnett
  40. An Intellectual History of Psychology, Robinson, Daniel N.
  41. Intelligence: Its Organization and Development, Cunningham, Michael
  42. The Intelligible Universe: A Cosmological Argument, Meynell, Hugo A.
  43. Interpersonal Perception: A Social Relations Analysis, Kenny, David A.
  44. The Interpretation of Dreams, Freud, Sigmundtr. A. A. Brill 
  45. Interpreting Across Boundaries: New Essays in Comparative Philosophy, ed. Larson, Gerald James and Eliot Deutsch 
  46. Intimacy: Personal Relationships in Modern Societies, Jamieson, Lynn
  47. Intimations of Mortality: Time, Truth, and Finitude in Heidegger’s Thinking of Being, Krell, David Farrell
  48. Introducing Psychological Research, Banyard, Philip & Andrew Grayson
  49. An Introduction to Asia, Herbert, Jean, tr. Manu Banerji
  50. Introduction to Indian Art, Coomaraswamy, Ananda K.
  51. Introduction to Buddhism: An Explanation of the Buddhist Way of Life, Gyatso, Geshe Kelsang
  52. An Introduction to Buddhist Esoterism, Bhattacharyya, Benoytosh.
  53. An Introduction to Buddhist Ethics: Foundations, Values and Issues, Harvey, Peter
  54. An Introduction to Buddhist Philosophy: Vijñānvāda and Mādhyamika, Sharma, T.R.
  55. Introduction to Buddhist Psychology, De Silva, M. W. Padmasiri
  56. Introduction to the Buddhist Tantric Systems, tr. Wayman, Alex.
  57. Introduction to Comparative Psychology, Morgan, C. Lloyd  
  58. Introduction To The Philosophy And Writings of Plato, Taylor, Thomas
  59. Introduction to Psychology, Brett, George Sidney
  60. An Introduction to Shin Buddhism, Kosho, Yamamoto
  61. Introduction to the Science of Religion, Muller, Friedrich Max
  62. “Introduction” in Science and Hypothesis, Larmor, Judd
  63. An Introduction to Social Psychology, Bernard, Luther Lee
  64. An Introduction to Social Psychology, McDougall, William
  65. Introduction to the Lotus Sutra, Shinjo Suguro
  66. Introduction to Mahayana Buddhism, McGovern, William Montgomery
  67. An Introduction to Buddhism: Teachings, History and Practices, Harvey, B. Peter
  68. An Introduction to The philosophy of Nagarjuna, Tachikawa, Musashi
  69. Introduction to Religious Philosophy, Masih, Y.
  70. Introduction to Sanskrit, (2 Vols.) Egenes, Thomas
  71. Introduction to Tantra, 2 Vols., ed. Sastri, Gaurinath
  72. Introduction To Technocracy, ed. et al Ackerman, Fredrick L.
  73. Introductory Debate in Tibetan Buddhism, Perdue, Daniel
  74. Is The Goddess a Feminist?: the Politics of South Asian Goddess, ed. Hiltebeitel, Alf & Kathleen M. Erndl
  75. Issues in Ethics, Vaknin, Sam
  76. Issues in Population and Bioethics, Vaknin, Sam


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