Danh mục sách tiếng Anh, Vần R - Phật Giáo Việt Nam

Danh mục sách tiếng Anh, Vần R - Phật Giáo Việt Nam

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Danh mục sách tiếng Anh, Vần R


  1. The Rape of the Lock, Pope, Alexander
  2. Rationalism, Empiricism, and Idealism: British Academy Lectures on the History of Philosophy, ed. Kenny, Anthony
  3. Rationality and Mind in Early Buddhism, Hoffman, Frank J.
  4. Rationality and Philosophy, ed. Bharadwaja, V.K.
  5. The Real Tripitaka and other Pieces, Waley, Arthur
  6. Realism & Truth, Devitt, Michael
  7. The Reality of Time, Loizou, Andros
  8. Rebirth as Doctrine and Experience, Story, Francis
  9. Recognizing Reality, Dreyfus, G.B.J.
  10. Recovering the Self: Morality and Social Theory, Seidler, Victor J.
  11. The Reflexive Nature of Awareness: A Tibetan Madhyamaka Defence, Williams, Paul.
  12. Reflections;  or Sentences Moral Maxims, Rochefoucauld, Francois Duc De La.
  13. Reflections on The Decline of Science In England, and on Some of Its Causes, Babbage, Charles.
  14. Reflection of Mind: Western Psychology Meets Tibetan Buddhism, ed. Tulku, Tarthang.
  15. Reflections in the Mirror of Religion, Smart, Ninian
  16. Reincarnation, Abhedananda, Swami
  17. Relation as Real: A Critique of Dharmakirti, Ghosh, Raghunath
  18. Relations of Science and Religion,  Calderwood, Herry
  19. Religion and Aging in the Indian Tradition, Tilak, Shrinivas
  20. The Religion of Babylonia and Assyria, Pinches, Theophilus G.
  21. Religion in Chinese Society, Yang, C.K.
  22. Religions and Comparative Thought: Essays in Honour of the Late Dr. Ian Kesarcodi-Watson, Bilimoria, Purusottama
  23. Religion in Indian Society: The Dimensions of Unity in Diversity, Klyuev, Boris
  24. Religion: Its Functions in Human Life: A Study of Religion from the point of View of Psychology, Dunlap, Knight
  25. Religion: Origins and Ideas, Brow, Robert   
  26. Religion and the Rational Outlook, Dasgupta, S. N.
  27. Religion in Primitive Cultures: A Study in Ethnophilisophy,  Dupre, Wilhelm.
  28. Religion in Prison: Equal Rites in a Multi-Faith Society, Bekford, James A. and Sophie Gilliat
  29. The Religion of Samurai: A Study of Zen Philosophy and Discipline in China andJapan, Kaiten, Nukariya, 1913
  30. The Religions of India, Hopkins, Edward Washburn
  31. Religions of Tibet in Practice, Lopez, D.S.J.
  32. Religions of Tibet, Bell, Charles
  33. The Religion of India, Webber, Max
  34. Religions of India in Practice, Lopez, D. S., Jr. (ed.)
  35. Religion Philosophy Yoga, Filliozat, Jean
  36. Religion, Practice and Science of Non-Violence, Jaggi, O.P.
  37. Religion and Practical Reason: New Essays in the Comparative Philosophy of Religions, ed. Reynolds, Frank E. and David Tracy
  38. The Religions of Mongolia, Heissig, Walther
  39. Religion and Radical Empiricism, Frankenberry, Nancy
  40. Religion, Truth and Language-Games, Sherry, Patrick
  41. The Religious and Cultural History of India, Wheeler, J. Talboys
  42. Religious Observances in Tibet: Pattern and Function, Ekvall, Robert B.
  43. Religious Doctrines in the Mahabharata, Sutton, Nicholas
  44. Religious Giving and the Invention of Karma in Theravada Buddhism, Egge, James R.
  45. Religious Therapeutics: Body and Health in Yoga, Āyurveda, and Tantra, Fields, Gregory P.
  46. The Resonance of Emptiness: A Buddhist Inspiration for a Contemporary Psychotherapy, Watson, Gay
  47. Remembering: A Study in Experimental and Social Psychology, Bartlett, F.C.
  48. A Record of the Buddhist Religion, I-Tsing
  49. A Record of the Buddhistic Kingdoms, James, Legge
  50. A Record of Buddhist Monasteries in Lo-yang, tr. Yang, Hsuan-chih
  51. Rendawa Shonnu Lodro’s Commentary on the “Entry into the Middle” Lamp which Elucidates Reality, tr. Stoter-Tillmann, Jurgen and Achartya Tashi Tsering
  52. The Republic of Plato, Plato
  53. Research in Buddhist Studies University of Delhi: A Descriptive Bibliography, Seth, Ved
  54. Researches in Indian & Buddhist Philosophy, ed., Sharma, R.K.
  55. Research methodology, Kothari, C.R.
  56. Revelation in Indian Thought: A Festschrift in Honour of Professor T.R.V. Murti, ed. Coward, Harold and Krishna Sivaraman
  57. Revival of Buddhism in Modern India, Ramteke, D.L.
  58. Re-Visioning “Kamakura” Buddhism, ed. Payne, Richard K.
  59. The Rise and Decline of Buddhism in India, Hazra, Kanai Lal
  60. The Rise of Esoteric Buddhism in Tibet, Dargyay, Eva M.
  61. Rituals and Practices of Tantra, (3 Vols. Having only 2) Sastri, Gaurinath
  62. The Romantic Legend of Sakya Buddha: A Translatiion of the Chinese Version of the Abhiniskramanasutra, Beal, Samuel.
  63. Rude Awakenings: Zen, the Kyoto school, and the question of nationalism, ed. Heisig, James W. & John C. Maraldo


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