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Danh mục sách tiếng Anh, Vần P - Phật Giáo Việt Nam

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Danh mục sách tiếng Anh, Vần P


  1. Pain, Buytendijk, F.J. J., Tr. O’Shiel, Eda
  2. Pain and Its Ending: The Four Noble Truths in the Theravada Buddhist Canon,Anderson, Carol S.
  3. Painted Scrolls of Asia, Sharma, Shiv Kumar
  4. Palestine or the Holy Land, Russell, Michael
  5. Pali-Enghlish Dictionary, Rhys Davids, T.W. (2 sets, the same)
  6. A Pali-English Glossary, Gupta, Sunil
  7. Pali Language and Literature: A Systematic Survey and Historical Study, (2 Vols.) Hazra, Kanai Lal
  8. Pali Literature and Language, Geiger, Wilhelm
  9. Palmistry and The Inner Self, Douglas, Ray
  10. A Panorama of Indian Buddhism, Ahir, D.C.
  11. Paradise Lost, Milton, John
  12. Paradise Regained,Milton, John
  13. Parmenides, Plato, and the Semantics of Not-Being, Pelletier, Francis Jeffry
  14. The Path of the Buddha: Buddhism Interpreted by Buddhists, ed. Morgan, Kenneth W.
  15. Passionate Enlightenment, Shaw, M.
  16. Patanjala Yoga Philosophy: With Reference to Buddhism, Yamashita, Koichi
  17. The Paths f Heidegger’s Life and Thought, Poggeler, Otto, tr. John Bailiff
  18. Path to the Middle: Oral Madhyamika Philosophy in Tibet, tr. Klein, Anne Carolyn.
  19. The Path of Serenity and Insight: An Explanation of the Buddhist Jhanas, Gunaratana, Henepola
  20. Patterns in Plato’s Thought, ed. Moravcsik, J.M.E.
  21. Pentaglot Dictionary of Buddhist Terms: In Sanskrit, Tibetan, Manchurian, Mongolian and Chinese, Vira, Raghu.
  22. People of the Prayerwheel, Sharma, Pamananda
  23. Perfection, Hurka, Thomas
  24. The Perfection of Wisdom in Eight Thousand Lines & Its Verse Summary, tr. Conze, Edward
  25. Person to person: Fieldwork, Dialogue, and the Hermeneutic Method, Michrina, Barry P. and Cherylanne Richards
  26. Perspectives in Philosophy Religion and Art, ed. Balasubramanian, R., &Thomas, V.C.
  27. Perspectives on Buddhist Ethics, ed. Tiwary, Mahesh.
  28. Perspectives on Karma and Rebirth, ed. Mittal, Kewal Krishan
  29. Perceptual Adjustment Therapy: A Positive Approach to Addictions Treatment,Holder, James with Thurman Williams
  30. Persuasion, Austen, Jane
  31. The Philosophy of the Act, Mead, George Herbert, ed. et al. Charles W. Morris
  32. The Philosophy of Non-Attachment (The Way to spiritual Freedom in Indian Thought), Agrawal, M. M.
  33. Philosophers of Nothingness: an essay on the Kyoto school, Heisig,
  34. Philosophy and Argumentation in Third-Century China, Hsi, K’ang, tr. Robert G. Henricks  
  35. Philosophies and Culture, Copleston, Frederick C. 
    James W.
  36. The Philosophy of Despair, Jordan, David Starr
  37. Philosophy and Psychology in the Abhidharma, . Guenther, H.V
  38. Philosophy and Psychical Research, Thakur, Shivesh C.
  39. Philosophy and Its Development in the Nikaya and Abhidharma, Fumimaro, Watanabe
  40. Philosophy as Diplomacy: Essays in Ethics and Policy-Making, Iannone, A. Pablo 
  41. Philosophy and Education, ed. Soltis, Jonas F.
  42. A Philosophy of Education, Mason, Charlottem M.
  43. Philosophical Enquiries, Chatterjee, Margaret.
  44. Philosophical Essays, Dasgupta, Surendranath
  45. Philosophical Reflections, Nayak, G. C.
  46. Philosophy in the Samadhirajasutra, Regamey, Konstanty.
  47. Philosophy of the Buddha, Bahm, A.J.
  48. The Philosophy of Buddhism, Verdu, Alfonso
  49. Philosophy of India, Zimmer, Heinrich
  50. Philosophy in India: Traditions, Teaching and Research, Murty, K. Satchidananda
  51. Philosophy of Ludwig Feuerbach, Kamenka, Eugene
  52. Philosophy of  Mind: An Introduction, Graham, George
  53. Philosophy and Mystification: A Reflection on Nonsense and Clarity, Robinson, Guy
  54. The Philosophy of  Nayaya-Vaisesika and its Conflict with the Buddhist DignagaSchool (Critique of Indian Realism), Shastri, D. N.
  55. Philosophy, Religion and Culture, Devaraja, N.K.
  56. A Philosophy of Religion, Brightman, Edgar Sheffield
  57. The Philosophy of Religion: A Buddhist Perspective, Sharma,Arvind
  58. A Philosophical Analysis of Buddhist Notions, Kalansuriya, A.D.P.
  59. Philosophical Analysis of Buddhist Notions- The Buddha and Wittgenstein, Kalansuriya, A.D.P.
  60. Philosophical Investigations on Space, Time and the Cotinuum, tr. Smith, Barry
  61. Philosophy of Nagarjuna, Fatone, Vicente.
  62. Philosophy of No-Identity, Pandeya, Ramchandra & Manju
  63. The Philosophy of Religious Language: Sign, Symbol, and Story, Stiver, Dan R.
  64. The Philosophy of the Upanishads and Ancient Indian Metaphysics, Gough, Archibald Edward
  65. The Pilgrimage of Fa-hian, Ki, Foe Koue
  66. The Pioneers of Buddhist Revival in India, Ahir, D.C.
  67. Platonic Questions: Dialogues with the Silent Philosophers, Clay, Diskin
  68. The Poetics, Aristotle, tr. Butcher, S. H.
  69. Popular Buddhism in Japan, Andreasen, E.
  70. Popular Superstitions, Platt, Charles
  71. Polishing the Diamond Enlightening  the Mind, Kim, Jae Woong
  72. Postures of the Mind: Essays on Mind and Morals, Baier, Annette
  73. The Power of Minorities, Mugny, Gabriel
  74. The Practice of Classical Palmistry, Madame La Roux
  75. Practice and Realization: Studies in Kant’s Moral Philosophy, Rotenstreich, Nathan
  76. Practice & Theory of Tibetan Buddhism, Sopa, Geshe Lhundup and Jeffrey Hopkins
  77. A Practical English grammar, Thomson, A.J.
  78. Practical English Usage, Swan, Michael
  79. Practical Reflection, Velleman, J. David
  80. Pragmatism: A new name for some old ways of thinking, James, William
  81. The Prajnaparamita Literature, Conze, Edward
  82. Prajñāpāramitā and Related Systems: Studies in Honor of Edward Conze, ed.Lancaster, Lewis.
  83. Prajnaparamita in Tibetan Buddhism, Obermiller, E., ed. Sobti, Harcharan Singh.
  84. Pre-Dinnaga Buddhist Texts on Logic from Chinese Sources, tr. Tucci, Giuseppe
  85. Prisoners of Shangri-la: Tibetan Buddhism and the West, Lopez ,  Dolnald S., Jr.
  86. The Prince and the Pauper, Twain, Mark
  87. The Principles of Buddhist Psychology, Kalupahana, David J.
  88. The Principles Of Aesthetics, Parker, Dewitt H.
  89. The Principles of Philosophy, Descartes, Rene, tr. John Veitch
  90. Principles of Physiological Psychology, Wundt, Wilhelm
  91. The Principles of Psychology, (2 Vols.) James, William
  92. Problems of Conduct, Drake, Durant
  93. The Problem of Evil and Indian Thought, Herman, Arthur L.
  94. The Problem of Knowledge in Yogacara Buddhism, Tripathi, Chhote Lal
  95. Problem of Religious Diversity, Griffiths, Paul J.
  96. Problem Solving and Learning Disabilities: An Information Processing Approach,Parrill-Burnstein, Melinda
  97. Problems & Theories of Philosophy, Ajdukiewicz, Kazimierz, tr. Skolimowski, Henryk
  98. The Problem of the Self in Buddhism and Christianity, De Silva, Lynn A.
  99. The Problem of Universals in Indian Philosophy, Dravid, Raja Ram.
  100. Process Metaphysics and Hua-yen Buddhism, Odin, Steve
  101. Process Metaphysics: An Introduction to Process Philosophy, Rescher, Nicholas
  102. Professional Philosophy: What It Is and Why It Matters, Perry, Thomas D.
  103. Prolegomena to Religious Pluralism, Byrne, Peter
  104. Proposed Roads to Freedom, Russell, Bertrand
  105. Prostitution in Thailand: Myth and Reality, Ghosh, Lipi.
  106. Popular Buddhism in Japan, Andreasen, Esben
  107. Psychobiology of Stress: A Study of Coping Men, ed. et al Ursin, Holger 
  108. The Psychological Attitude of Early Buddhist Philosophy, Lama A. Govinda
  109. Psychological Skill Training: The Structured Learning Technique, Goldstein, ArnoldP.
  110. Pruning the Bodhi Tree: the storm over critical Buddhism, ed. Hubbard, Jamie & Paul L. Swanson,
  111. Psycho-Cosmic Symbolism of the Buddhist Stupa, Govinda, Lama Angarika
  112. The Psychology of Attention, Ribot, Th.
  113. The Psychology of Beauty, Puffer, Ethel D.
  114. Psychopathology of Everyday Life, Freud, Sigmund, tr. A. A. Brill
  115. The Psychology of Freedom, Pink, Thomas
  116. Psychology and Industrial Efficiency, Münsterberg, Hugo 
  117. Psychology: An Introductory Study of the Structure and Function of Human Conscious, Angell, James Rowland
  118. Psychology of Nirvana, Johansson, Rune E.A.
  119. The Psychology of Religion and Coping: Theory, Research, Practice, Pargament, Kenneth I.
  120. Psychotherapy Process Research: Paradigmatic and Narrative Approaches, ed. Toukmanian, Shake G. and David L. Rennie,
  121. Pure Land Buddhism, tr., T.T. Tam
  122. Pure Land Buddhist Painting, Joji Okazaki
  123. Pure Land Pure Mind, tr., Cleary, J.C.
  124. Pure Land Zen Zen Pure Land, tr., T.T. Tam


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