Danh mục sách tiếng Anh, Vần O - Phật Giáo Việt Nam

Danh mục sách tiếng Anh, Vần O - Phật Giáo Việt Nam

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Danh mục sách tiếng Anh, Vần O



  1. An Outline of English Phonetics, Jones, D.
  2. Obscure Religious Cults, Dasgupta, Shashibhusan
  3. Ocean of Wisdom: The Life of Dalai Lama XIV, Chopra, P.N.
  4. Oedipus the King, Sophocles, tr. F. Storr
  5. Office Yoga: Tackling Tension with Simple Stretches you can do at Your Desk,Friedeberger, Julie
  6. On Being Buddha, Griffiths, P.J.
  7. On Being Mindless-Buddhist Meditation and the Mind Body Problem, Griffiths, P. J
  8. On Knowing Reality, Willis, Janice Dean
  9. On Understanding Buddhist: Essays on the Theravada Tradition in Sri Lanka, Carter, John R.
  10. On Voidness: A Study on Buddhist Nihilism, Tola, Fernando and Carmen Dragonetti
  11. On Yuan Chwang’s Travels in India, Watter, Thomas (ed.)
  12. Openness Mind, Tulku, Tarthang
  13. Organizational Rules: A Framework for Understanding Organizational Action, Milss, Albert J. and Stephen J. Murgatroyd
  14. The Origin of the Buddha Image, Coomaraswamy, Ananda K.
  15. Origin and Evolution of Religion, Hopkins, E. Washburn
  16. The Origin of Our Knowledge of Right and Wrong, tr. Chisholm, Roderick M.
  17. On the Origin of Species,  Darwin, Charles
  18. Other Times: Philosophical Perspectives on Past, Present and Future, Cockburn, David
  19. The Origins Of Superstitions And Customs, Knowlson, T. Sharper
  20. Outline on Mahayana Buddhism, Suzuki, Daisetz Teitaro
  21. Outline of Buddhism: A Historical Sketch, Rhys Davids, C.A.F.
  22. Outline of Indian Philosophy, Hiriyanna, M.
  23. Outlines of Psychology, Wundt, Wilhelm Max, tr. Charles Hubbard Judd
  24. The Oxford Book of Essays, Gross, John.
  25. An Outline of the Religious Literature of India, Farquhar, J.N


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